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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Happy New Year 2017 Message Reply- SMS

Hello, Guys I am sure that you all get wishes or sms on phone by friends, relatives or near dear, then you surely be  looking for a nice reply for it and  New Year 2017 SMS, Messages, Quotes, wishes, Greetings to share with your friends on Facebook & Whatsapp or SMS then you are lucky because this time we are sharing with you some of the best Happy New Year 2017 SMS, Messages, Quotes, wishes, Greetings . So below we have shared the best SMS, Message collection for 2017.

happy new year 2017 messages

Happy New Year 2017 SMS 

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  • In my life where I am is all because of you and it’s because of your hard work want to thank you for whatever you did for me. Thanks! Wish you a very happy New Year

  • We have done a lot but still a long way to go. I am not fear of the way I am confidence because of you. We are thankful for what you have done for us. I want this New Year become the starting of the new celebration of success for you. Happy New Year dear teacher and thanks for your deeds. 

new year 2017 images

  • I learn how to struggle in my life how to take all the odds with the excellence how to find the solution of the problem in the problem its self. All because of you thanks!. Happy new year my sir may you live long.

  • I think I am done I am done with everything because I have some in my life to teach me everything to tech me how to be how to become the one who can admire all. I want to be just like the teaching of my teacher. Wish him a very happy new year.

  • I can accept the negligence of every one but one thing is straight forward I cannot live without you. Have a very happy new year may you live long.

  • I have only one person in my mind when I wake up one person in my mind when I sleep one person I my mind when I wake up one person in my mind every time and it’s you so how can I for get to wish you a happy New Year
  • Some say they love one some say they love two some say they don’t love anyone some say love is useless but I want to express all of them that love the only feeling which is keeping me alive. Happy new to you may you live long.

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Happy New Year 2017 SMS Wishing Message

  • My brother is my inspiration he is my love he is the one I want to see always happy I wish may he live long may he get the success in his life that he deserves. Happy New Year bro may every success is yours.

  • Being special is I don’t know how the feeling is but I surely know you are enjoying it you are special for me and I can do anything for you. Happy new year with a wish to see you happy forever.

  • My days starts with seeing you my night ends with seeing you my dreams are colorless with you. I want to sleep talking to you I want to eat talking to you so how can I start my new year without seeing you You are not special for me you are my life happy New Year come back soon. 

Happy New Year 2017 Messages

happy new year 2017 hd wallpapers

  • Roses are red and my fiancé is cute if the sky is blue than he is its glow. Happy new year to my fiancé may this new year fill your life with happiness and love.

  • I enjoyed a lot with you past year was the best year of life and the past year give me most of my wishes. But I want this year to become even more graceful for me and my fiancé. So wish you a very happy New Year with new hopes and wishes.

  • I think no one in this world is as lucky as me as I get a fiancé as not one other and a caring fiancé like no one other the care the love the affection for me I am amazed want to live like this ever wish a very happy New Year to you fiancé may you live long.
  • Every year I take a resolution but this time it’s  a special one. Its all about the love. It’s all about you. I want to make all the happiness and love of the world fall in your soul to make you the happiest person present on the earth. Happy New Year.

  • Its all about the love that I am talking to you. Its all about love that I see you every time I close my eyes I see you I see mirror I got stun because there is you in place of me. Happy new year I wish to see you live soon.
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Happy New Year 2017 Shayari SMS Messages and WhatsApp Status

  • I think my life is all about love and you know my love is you so how can you think I can spend this new year night without you. Happy New Year.
  • My life is all empty without you my life is worthless with you I cannot even think of a moment with out you. Happy New Year may you live long.
  • On this New Year I want to do something I want to prove something I want to show the world that the best couple in the world is us. I want to prove them we are Romeo and Juliet of the day. So happy New Year and get ready.
  • The most loveliest couple of the world I have ever seen and I have ever saw happy is you I wish that may you couple remain like this every after. Happy New Year.
  • Everyone is single around me as I see both of you because you are the couple I can say couple the love the devotions for each other. May this continue ever. Happy New Year .
  • Every is wishing the people around them a happy New Year but I  have gathered all my wishes and send only to you Wish to see you happy. Happy New Year .

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