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Monday, 13 February 2017

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Telugu Tamil Kannada Urdu

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Telugu: We are moving forward with more posts in our exclusive blog for Happy Valentines Day 2017. In this also we are going to make you wonder by another cool article from our end. We are researching about Valentines Day related posts and finally come to the conclusion that Telugu is another language spoken by the majority of people in India. So we are going to share some Happy Valentines Day 2017 Messages In Telugu language. While writing the post, it only less than 15 days to the Valentines Day and all is in busy preparation to welcome another Valentines Day to our life.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Telugu: Valentines Day 2017 is the special occasion to all of us like it the Festival of Romance and love. We are here with the latest collection of Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Tamil, which will be useful for the people from south India. Love is the thing that binds the humans and majority of the problem occur due to the lack of love for the people. Probably you are looking for some of the best Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Urdu, and you are at the right place. In this single post, we are going to post some of the best Valentines Day 2017 Wishes and Quotes.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Kannada: Valentines Day celebrates on 14th February of every year. Love is the thing that is very crucial for all human beings. Each of us needs something to keep up our life, and it is love that binds us together. We usually send our wishes and greetings to our lover, and it's better to send some of the greatest sayings by great peoples. Many great personalities said about the love, and it's good to share those quotes with your partner. Let's enjoy the beautiful Valentines Day along with our friends and buddies.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Telugu

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Telugu: Many of you are probably looking for this, and you are at the right place. We are here with the superb collection of Valentine's day messages and quotes in Telugu.

  • Prema eppudu puduthundi
    manashu daggara ainappudu
    manushu eppudu daggara avuthundi
    manishi ki manishi daggara ainappudu
  • Nenu 3 domalni champanu,
    Nuvu kuda 3 domalni champu,
    e msg ni maro muguriki pampu,
    vallani maro muguriki panpamanu
    ela gunya, *****e ni arikadam.
  • cheli ne vetukutunna naa manasuni nee navvulo.
    nee siga puvvulo.. nee bugga sottalo...
    nee andhela savvadilo...
    nanu karuninchani nee yadhalo.
    karunistavane aasha lo.....
  • Neekosam Alochinche prati kshanam..
    na manasu oohalanu rekkaluga chesukuni viharistundi..
    Kaani marukshanam kallu maatram oohalanu chudalenu nijalanu tappa ani kanniru kaarustumdi..!
  • Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. I love you.
  • If my life was a ship, you would be the anchor that holds me in place and the sails which take me on a beautiful journey. I love you.
  • My life’s biggest security is not just in loving you, but in knowing that you will always be there to love me back no matter what. I love you baby.
  • It doesn’t matter who the boss of this house is, as long as we end the day with a romantic kiss. I love you.
  • If my life were a business, entering into an unconditional and irrevocable partnership with you has been the most profitable decision ever. I love you.
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Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Tamil

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Tamil: Many of us need some of the best Valentines day wishes and SMS in Tamil, which will be good to share with the friends. Just check it out.

  • Ennavale!
    Kallaai Iruntha Ean
    Idhayathil Paa(r)vai
    Eannum Uliyai Koondu
    Azhagiya Silaiyai
    Vaditthathu Kalaikkagavaa Illai
    Eanmethu Konda Kadhalukkagava?
  • Kal thadukki vilunthathillai,
    un kan thadukki vilunthuvitten... kaadhalil.
  • Oru ponnu kidaikalenu feel pandravan ampalai kitaiyathu,
    namala miss panitanu anda ponna feel panna vaikiravan than ampala.
  • Unnai kaanum en kangalukku kooda theriyavillai,
    unnai kanpathu kanava illai nenaiva endru:
    yean endral endrum ne,
    en kanmun erupathal!
  • Malaiyin Mudivu Mannill!
    Nathiyin Mudivu Kadalil!
    Katturiyin Mudivu?
    Athuve Nam Kathal!
  • Night is falling my heart is calling
    I feel so lonely I need you only
    but I’ve got a teddy that I take to bed
    if you’ll be my Valentine
    I’ll take you instead
  • If I could wish to be anything
    I’d wish to be your tear
    to be conceived by your heart,
    born in your eye
    live on your cheek
    and die on your lips
  • Kisses Kisses Kisses,
    Oh, what should I do?
    All I want is just one Kiss,
    From a special person like you.
    My days are filled with yearning;
  • My nights are full of dreams.
    I’m always thinking of you;
    I’m in a trance, it seems.You’re all I ever wanted;
    I wish you could be mine;
    And so I have to ask you:
    Will you be my Valentine?
    My days are filled with yearning;
    My nights are full of dreams.
    I’m always thinking of you;
    I’m in a trance, it seems.You’re all I ever wanted;
    I wish you could be mine;
    And so I have to ask you:
    Will you be my Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Kannada

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Kannada: Promise is the important thing in one's life as it is a scenario of trust in you. You must fulfill the promises made to others. Let this Valentine's day be a reason. You can also check out Happy Valentines Day 2017 SMS Hindi from our other section.

  • Mestru kaige hodedre novagutte...
    Hudugi kan hodedre love agutte...
    Ade hudugina maduve adre lifu super agutte..
    Ade hudugi kai kotre Saavagutte....
    Happy valentines day!
  • Preethi..
    preethi andre nambike.
    preethi andre vismaya vajra.
    preethi andre manassu.
    preethi andre atma sambanda preethi andre kannu.
    preethi andre bandana.
    preethi andre bhoomi.
    preethi andre jeevana.
    preethi andre jagattu.
    preethi andre bhavane.
    preethi andre kalpane.
    preethi andre baravase.
    preethi andre devaru.
    preethi andre nanu.
    preethi andre nivu. Happy valentines day
  • Thumba khushiyagi esta pattidini ninna....
    Thumba bedkondu padkondidini ninna....
    Ninna maribeku anthanadru hege ankobeku nanu...
    Adrustada gunpinda arisikondidini ninna...
    Happy valentines day
  • Sometimes a group of people
    Will bring you happiness
    In ways you never dreamed of,
    In ways you can’t express.Your family is like that;
    That’s why we want to say
    How much we appreciate you;
    Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!
  • On Valentine’s Day, I pray for you
    that our love for each other
    will be as deep and boundless
    as the love shown to us
    by our Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I pray that our loving bond
    will be as unbreakable and everlasting
    as the Lord’s love for us.
    I pray that each Valentine’s Day
    will remind us to be as
    selfless and giving with each other
    as our Lord was for us.
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Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Urdu

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Wishes In Urdu: Valentine's day is after two days from Promise Day, and it is the biggest event of love and romance. We are planning to post some posts related to valentines day on our blog, and we will post soon on our blog. Let's celebrate the promised Day with our friends and keep your pledges.

  • Kya kahun tujhe?
    Khwab kahun to toot jayega,
    dil kahuu to bikhar jayega,
    Aa tera naam zindagi rakh dun,
    maut se pehle to tara saath chut na payega!
  • Lafzo ki tara muje kitabon me mila kar,
    Duniya se dar he to khwabo me mila ker,
    Pholon ka khusbo se taluq he zrori,
    Ban k khusbo muje gulabo me mila ker.
  • Khusboo ki tarah aapke paas bikar jayenge
    Skoon ban kar dil mein utar jayengay
    Mehsoos karne ki koshish to kijye
    Door hote hue bhi paas nazar aayenge.
  • Mahfil-e-ishq sajao to koi bat banay
    Doloat-e-ishq Lutao to koi bat banay!
    Jam ''saghar'' say Nahi pina Mujh ko!
    Ankhon say pilao To koi Baat Banay!
  • There’s a special place. within my heart. that only you can fill. For you had my love. Right from the start. and I know you always will. Happy Valentine’s Day
  • I love you with a love that goes beyond what I can express. Thank you so much for being my friend, my love and my life.
  • Valentines Day is the day of love,
    No one gives me more love than you,
    You brighten up my each single day,
    You deserve my love,
    Will you be my Valentine?
  • I wish that sunny, golden rays
    May come to your life
    This Valentine’s Day!
    I wish that all day long you will know
    That there is one who loves you so.
    That someone is me, my darling love,
    And I pray God will bless us
    From His throne above.
    Love’s sweet, sweet rays
    From my heart will go out
    And assure you you’re loved
    Without a doubt.
  • I'll never get tired of loving you,
    I admire the way you make me fall in love,
    with you more each day!
    Happy Valentines Day 2017!

We are going to wind up another fresh post on our blog related to Happy Valentines Day 2017 Messages In Telugu Tamil Kannada Urdu. Many are coming to our blog, and you have to wait for some days for the festival of love. Please take some time to share our post with your friends and family members. Have a beautiful day ahead.

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